Mobile Apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Golf Course App

£1,500 one-off cost, plus £100 per month

Everyone has a smartphone now and it's barely even possible not to buy a smartphone if you're phone-shopping. On top of that, we're addicted!

65% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up and 80% before they brush their teeth.

44% of consumers want deals and offers delivered directly to their phone and, by 2017, mobile devices are expected to make up 87 percent of total online sales.

  • Mobile Apps for Golf Courses

    We provide mobile app development for golf courses, so your members can download your mobile app to their smartphones!

  • PWAs for Golf Courses

    We make progressive Web Apps for golf courses, the future of web development so your website can work better on mobile and allow users to access your content offline without an internet connection.

  • Communicate Better

    A good read-rate for emails is 20% - 25%. Push notifications get an read-rate of 95%!
    Allow members to check course updates each and every morning.

  • Take Bookings

    Allow users to book tee-times, lessons, buggies, tables, conference facilities, and more at their own convenience, not just when someone's able to answer the phone.

Golf Course with Lighthouse
  • Sell Merchandise

    Get more shop sales, by showcasing and selling your merchandise and equipment through the app, even when the pro shop is closed.

  • Attract Members

    Younger golfers will use a smartphone and recent retirees will probably have needed one at work. Get them through the door with an enticing app!

  • Track Shots

    Allow golfers to track their shots using GPS technology on the course. Enter your own and your friends scores!

  • Track Progress

    Email your scorecards to the Club Pro (or integrate into our system), who can track and monitor your member's progress.

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